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Smee and Blogg Merchandise

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"Smee and Blogg: A Retrospective" DVD


Finally, the DVD you've been waiting for, "Smee and Blogg, Singing Executioners: A Retrospective"! That's right, your favorite masters of the macabre have made it to the small screen with this DVD featuring shows recorded throughout the years as well as extra material from TV spots and their promotional material.
The DVD contains:

Faire Appearances:
Ringling Museum 1981
Tennessee Renaissance Festival 1987
Bristol Renaissance Festival 1988
Colorado Renaissance Festival 1991
Arizona Renaissance Festival 1993
Arizona Renaissance Festival 1994
Arizona Renaissance Festival 1995
TV Appearances
Promoting King Richard's Faire on TV News Magazine "Chowdah"
Appliance store commercials during Bristol Festival
Promo Reels
Smee & Blogg 1988 Promo Reel
Smee & Blogg 2004 Promo Reel

Temporary Tattoos


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Don Martinesque Smee and Blogg pose on a temporary tattoo. Great for hide and seek. Don't forget - if you don't wash these can last for over two weeks!

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