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"Smee and Blogg: A Retrospective" DVD


Finally, the DVD you've been waiting for, "Smee and Blogg, Singing Executioners: A Retrospective"! That's right, your favorite masters of the macabre have made it to the small screen with this DVD featuring shows recorded throughout the years as well as extra material from TV spots and their promotional material.
The DVD contains:

Faire Appearances:
Ringling Museum 1981
Tennessee Renaissance Festival 1987
Bristol Renaissance Festival 1988
Colorado Renaissance Festival 1991
Arizona Renaissance Festival 1993
Arizona Renaissance Festival 1994
Arizona Renaissance Festival 1995
TV Appearances
Promoting King Richard's Faire on TV News Magazine "Chowdah"
Appliance store commercials during Bristol Festival
Promo Reels
Smee & Blogg 1988 Promo Reel
Smee & Blogg 2004 Promo Reel

"Goodies from O.D. Score" CD


The album was recorded at The Studio in St Paul, MN in 1979. It was recorded as a farewell to the folk singing era as we hit the road to become Smee & Blogg, the Singing Executioners performing at Renaissance Faires.
We enlisted the aid of four awesome female vocalists from St Catherine’s College who performed barbershop and madrigals. Keep in mind that these female vocalists are 19 and 20 years old when this recording was made. Maria Jette has been singing professionally since and appears regularly as operatic soprano at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis. She has also appeared on Prairie Home Companion a number of times.
In addition, two members of The Lamont Cranston Band (Bruce McCabe, piano and marimba, and Billy Shiell, flute) consented to help us. You may note on the cut "Caribbean Sun", McCabe had 35 minutes experience on the marimba when he laid down his track. Bruce also wrote Jonny Lange’s hit, "The Darker Side", and toured with him until he quit. Billy is the number one union Trumpet in the Minneapolis area. Steve Gjertson, an art instructor at the Atelier Lack provided the far more than adequate drum tracks.
Most of the wind instruments were played by members of the pit orchestra from the Chimera Theatre in St Paul. Almost none of these people knew each other before the project, but when I first got them together, after the first song they jammed everyone turned around and started asking each others’ names.
The bonus tracks are from a separate 45rpm project recorded in 1981. "Spirit" announced it was from the upcoming Smee & Blogg Christmas album. I awarded the flip side of the single to my good friend Jon Strand, who played harmonica on two cuts on the album.
Songs available:
Night Lights (Doering) * The First Time That I Fell (Doering) * Rolling Along (Doering) * Good Times (Doering) * Sweet Marie (Doering) * Don't Need It Anymore (Doering) * Caribbean Sun (Doering/Olson) * Forest Witch (Doering) * Soft Rhythm Magic (Jon Strand) * Feet Are Cold (Doering/Olson) * Miranda (Doering) * You Better Go (Doering)
Bonus Tracks:
The Spirit of Christmas Eve (Doering/Olson) * This Woman Couldn't Be (Jon Strand)

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