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CALi Cruisers Merchandise

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CALi Cruisers Skateboard Deck


CALi Cruisers T-Shirt


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XX-Large $13.99
X-Large $11.99
Large $11.99
Medium $11.99
Small $11.99

Grab this CALi Cruisers original shirt and show off your riding chops in style. Featuring the CALi Cruisers logo on the front breast and the logo plus SurfSkate on the back, it's the coolest top to wear while riding the coolest decks on the street.

CALi Cruisers Cap


This sweet stylin' truckers cap is the perfect swag to control your mane as you tear down a downhill or sweep through a bowl on your CALi Cruisers deck.

CALi Cruisers Sticker


These 6" X 4.5" adhesive stickers are the perfect way to add some swag to your board, car, house, or pet dog.

Grab some now to show the world how you roll.

If credit cards aren't your thing and you want to order by mail using a check or money order, click on this link for a printable order form.